First Wi-Fi Enabled Fulfillment System

Member's of the Roving Photo Concession at Universal Studios Theme Park (USTP) in LA, CA approached our EK Network Imaging team to inquire whether we could develop a wireless version of the EK Digital Photo Fulfillment System they were currently using in their theme park. A system that enabled them to capture and print photographs of park attendees posing with various live Universal Studios' characters (e.g. Zena, the Warrior Princess, The Blues Brothers, Woody Woodpecker, Zorro, et al... ). USTP representatives indicated that they wanted a wireless system to increase the time photographers spent taking photographs of customers with USTP characters by eliminating the need for them to walk back to the fulfillment center to manually upload their photographs to their photo server and printers.

Actions Taken:

After careful review of the USTP team's requirements, we broke the requirements down into two subsystems: hardware and software.

The hardware subsystem involved:

The software subsystem involved:


The HW and SW teams successfully demonstrated a prototype system, which then received approval to become a product. The Roving Photographers at USTP were able to realize a 25% increase in sales by using this system.